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Pigeon Removal at Reasonable Rates

We Get Pigeon Infestations Under Control

Pigeons are Messy, Destructive, and Can Make You Very Sick!

A pigeon infestation can destroy your roofing, cause deterioration to your home, and even kill your plants and trees.

Not only are Pigeon feces very acidic, their droppings can carry several dangerous diseases and parasites as well. If left unchecked, there's a real potential to track feces into your home, putting your family and pets at risk of a serious illness.

Pigeon Infestation

It's Time for Your Pigeons To Fly Away For Good!

How We Work

Pigeon Infestation

Clean Up Comes First

Pigeons scavenge for nest building materials and use their own solid waste as "building mortar". This makes clean-up a potential health hazard due to the disease and parasites pigeons often carry.

We take great care to clean up all solid waste and remove it completely so you don't have to worry about coming in contact with any diseased waste. After removing all solid waste, we pressure wash the affected area to remove any evidence that pigeons were there.

Pigeon Barricades

Then We Keep Them From Coming Back

The key to removing an infestation permanently is to prevent birds from nesting and perching. Proper clean-up is the first step because pigeons will look for their own waste markings as a sign of a safe nesting area.

Once clean up is done, we then install spikes, wires, and barricades to prevent pigeons from finding a place to nest, lay eggs, or perch. When the problem areas are all cleaned up and treated with our roof and solar panel friendly hardware, pigeons will usually just move on to an easier target.

Veterans Discounts for Pigeon Removal and Control

Veterans Discount

If you're a veteran and in need of any of our services, you get a discount! We're veteran owned, provide excellent service for our customers, and want to give back to those who serve.

Give us a call at (623) 547-4618 and let us know you're a veteran. Then just show your Military ID when we come out to work on your home.

Pigeon Proof Solar Panel

We Specialize in Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Your solar panel warranty is safe since our methods and materials are recognized by all major solar companies. We respect your property and take extra care when working on your roof and around your solar panels. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and eliminate your pigeon problem for good!

We're licensed and insured.
All work we perform is Guaranteed.

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Pigeon Proofing Your Rooftop Air Conditioner

We Can Protect Your Rooftop Air Conditioner from Pigeons

Pigeons really like areas of cover and shade. They also like to perch as high up as possible to keep an eye out for predators. This makes your rooftop air conditioner unit a perfect place for them to invade and stick around.

Do you have pigeons living under, on, and or around your rooftop air conditioner? We will scare the pigeons away, then install roofing friendly materials to make sure they can't live under or around your rooftop unit anymore.


All Pigeon Removal Work is Guaranteed!

Once the work is completed and the pigeons have realized that their safe haven has been removed, they will simply find themselves a new property on which to roost.

Should for any reason the pigeons return, we will come back and re-address the problem at no extra cost to you.

Rest assured, we will get rid of your pigeons, and in so doing will once again return your home or place of business back to the clean, viable environment it had been prior to the infestation.