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Pigeon Removal at Reasonable Rates

See How We Get Rid of Pigeons From Your Roof & Solar Panels

Just another day on the job. Watch me climb on the roof and show you how it get’s done!


We Make Sure Pigeons Can’t Call Your Solar Panels Home

Here’s a successful job of getting rid of a pigeon infestation and ensuring they don’t come back with a high quality, sturdy solar panel fencing installation.


Another Successful Pigeon Removal Job

This home had a bad infestation with a large disgusting mess. We got up there, cleaned it up and made sure they don’t call this roof home ever again.


Mission Impossible Part 2 – A Closer Look

When those pigeons just won’t go away for good, we trap them! Take a closer look at some of our temporary prisoners.




Some say we take pigeon remediation far to seriously. We don’t think you can take it seriously enough. (more…)

Mission Impossible? Nothing we can’t fix.

When the pigeons just don’t want to leave. Pigeons like salmon have a homing instinct; once they are born to a certain nest they always want to return; unless of course they are permanently thwarted.

After cleaning and barricading the pigeons occasionally – if it’s been a chronic infestation – still don’t want to go. When this happens we have to catch the birds using cages and install mechanical devices to dissuade them from returning. This normally takes a couple of days but is generally successful. Got Pigeons? Got Dirty Solar? Call us today.




Another day and another set of solar panels freshly cleansed of flying vermin. The only problem is those newly evicted pigeons are looking for a new home; perhaps yours?
Our methodology and materials are far superior to anything out there. We offer warranties against re-infestation, and on our materials, plus we guarantee our work.

Solar Panel Fencing Angle 1 Solar Panel Fencing Angle 2 Solar Panel Fencing Angle 3 Solar Panel Fencing Angle 4


Offering Veterans Discounts

We’re veteran owned, provide excellent service for our customers, and want to give back to those who serve. If you have a pigeon infestation, or need your solar panels cleaned, give us a call today.

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Veterans Discount for Solar Panel Cleaning

Don’t Do It!

Pigeon Vigilates

PIGEON VIGILANTES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? Put down the booze and the guns and call us instead. 

  1. It is illegal to poison pigeons in Phoenix, Az. The implication being that dead, poisoned birds will be eaten by pets and found by children with the associated consequences.
  2. It is illegal to use a fire arm in a residential area except for the purpose of self defense. Stray bullets from poor shots can do untold damage to property and life.

Got Pigeons? Got Dirty Solar? No shots will be fired, but the pigeons will be gone. We guarantee it.


Don’t Lose 20% or More of Your Solar Panel Output!

It will happen!

You will lose 20% or more of your solar panel output, that is if you do nothing. The easy solution is to make sure your panels stay clean with regular, periodic cleanings.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Call us today for the best service and pricing on solar panel cleaning services in the valley.

It’s a Dry Heat….

It’s hotter than hell, but we’re still going; the heat won’t prevent us from getting rid of your pigeons or from cleaning your solar. Just because the other guys have stopped it doesn’t mean you have to live with the mess.


Call today to schedule service. (623) 547-4618

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Pigeon Fencing; Nobody Does It Better!

We are the leading provider of solar panel pigeon fencing in the West Valley.

If you have solar than you will or do have pigeons. Don’t live with the mess or the noise. Let us resolve all of your pigeon problems.

As you can see from the attached photos from our last several projects our methodology is absolutely impenetrable. We guarantee the sanctity of the personal space beneath your solar! In a bind and need some help then give us a call.


The Dust Storms are On Their Way

The HABOOBS will soon be upon us; dust rolling in from miles away, ready to coat and cover everything you posses.

Don’t let the dirt steal your money and rob you of that all important investment attached to your roof, namely your solar panels. Dirt and dust decrease efficiency and electrical rendement by as much as 30%. That being said we can resolve this issue. (more…)

Stop That Pigeon

IMPENETRABLE. WE DID IT; WE BUILT THE WALL TO RESTRAIN THE INFLUX OF FEATHERED FIENDS. The birds won’t be back. We guarantee it. Got Solar? We offer the best in materials and installation. Compare our quality and prices to the other guys.

Did I mention that we offer guarantees as well? Call today. GOT PIGEONS? GOT DIRTY SOLAR? GOT PIGEON POOP?

Solar Panel Pigeon Barrier 1 Solar Panel Pigeon Barrier 2 Solar Panel Pigeon Barrier 3 Solar Panel Pigeon Barrier 4


The Ice Pigeon Cometh….

The temperature is rising in Phoenix which means those AC units have to work; if not, you’ll probably want to get it repaired asap. Only problem is when it looks like this, it probably isn’t going to happen as quickly as you would like.

Don’t let the pigeons ruin your day/ days/ week!! Give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. AC units may be necessary but they are also pigeon magnets. Got hot air and pigeons? Call us today.

Got Pigeons? Got Dirty Solar? Got Pigeon Poop?

Pigeon Droppings on AC Unit Pigeon Droppings on AC Unit 2 Pigeon Droppings on AC Unit 3 Pigeon Droppings on AC Unit 4 Pigeon Droppings on AC Unit 5

Don’t despair. There is a solution to all that mess

Think we’re gonna need a bigger shovel! Why let it get this far. If you have these kinds of pigeon issues GOT PIGEONS? can help. Whether its under your solar or on your roof, we will resolve your infestation; we guarantee it. Call us. It’s never too late to start on clean up. We do have one condition. We get to keep anything we find! GOT PIGEONS? GOT DIRTY SOLAR? GOT PIGEON POOP? Call us today.








A Plague of Pigeons is Coming to West Phoenix.



From the article…


How Clean?

Sky blue clean!

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Got Dirty Solar? Check us out today.


A Beautiful Day in Arizona For…

…pigeon fencing.

This customer had only had his solar panels a week before the pigeons found him. It’s not a matter of when, just a matter of time. Call Got Pigeons? ASAP. We’ll take care of the issue before it becomes a problem.


Where Were You When it Was 107°F in Phoenix?

Where were you when it was 107°F in Phoenix?
Got Pigeons? was getting it done; taking care of business and working over time. If you have solar you’ll be getting pigeons soon; that’s if you don’t already have them. Call us today; we can remedy that. Might as well get your solar cleaned as well. We do that as well. Got Pigeons? Got Dirty Solar?


Solar Panel Maintenance Plan. Got Dirty Solar?

Got Dirty Solar?
If so, 30% of you investment is being under utilized.Get those panels up to 100%. In order to maximize your return – especially given Arizona’s dusty climate – we suggest that this occurs at least twice a year. Our trained technicians will breathe new life into your system. Sign up for our scheduled maintenance plan; let us take the effort out of good economics. Got Dirty Solar? Give us a call today.

Why Risk It? Let Us Handle The Climb.


No head for heights? We take the vertigo out of pigeon control.Why scare yourself stupid? Give us a call and we’ll take all the risk out of ousting those flying rats. Tired of the poop and feathers but don’t want to climb the ladders or get on the roof? Our technicians use all the latest safety equipment and climbing techniques to ensure a safe and successful project every time.


Max Your Solar Potential. Clean Those Panels!

Are your Solar Panels filthy and not as efficient as they once were? Solar panel cleaning is necessary no matter what the solar companies tell you. Prevent up to a 30% loss on your dirty panels. You spent a fortune on those panels so why not get the best out of them?

Regular cleaning (Solar companies recommend at least twice a year) will increase rendement and photo voltaic efficiency.
We avoid using detergents as these streak the glass of the panel, neither do we use abrasive powders and so avoid the risk of scratching the panels. Given the nature of good quality solar panel glass, clean water and a little elbow grease and the correct equipment we can remove the most stubborn of grime. All that dust and dirt is literally like having a reflective, non absorbent blanket on the units. (more…)

Solar Panel Cleaning; New Service Offered to Phoenix and the West Valley.


NEW DECALS TO GO WITH NEW SERVICE. We are now offering solar panel cleaning to the west valley and Phoenix. This is recommended annual maintenance and needs to be carried out by a professional to ensure that you get the maximum out of your solar investment. Maintaining a clean surface on your solar panels is essential for optimum energy efficiency. (more…)

When The Pigeons Just Won’t Take No For An Answer.

When the pigeons won’t take no for an answer it’s time to bring out the big guns. Despite having fenced an entire solar unit the pigeons sometimes refuse to leave. Rather like salmon, if they are born in a particular place then the birds are inclined to return; even if its only to sit and poop on your roof. Such was the case with this customer. The pigeons are gone from beneath the solar but refuse to leave. When this happens you have to literally scare them and make their chosen environment untenable. (more…)

Red Neck Pigeon Control? Let Us Do the Job Instead.

“Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up.” George Saunders
Ever wondered why you actually have a HOA? Have you ever decided to tackle a job you know you could pay someone else to complete in a much more professional manner? Take a look at the pics. Red-neck pigeon control at its finest. (more…)


WWW.GOTPIGEONSAZ.COM. It’s a beautiful day for pigeon removal and prevention. West Valley specialist’s; we’ll get the job done right the first time and to back up our boast, we’ll even throw in a two year warranty. How’s that for a great deal? Avondale, Glendale, Goodyear, Verrado, Buckeye, Peoria, Tolleson, Laveen , Sun City, Surprise, Deer Valley, Litchfield Park, Cantamia, Estrella Mtn, Vistancia and all those cities in between. Phoenix if you have pigeons we are here for you. Got Pigeons?


Solar Panel Barriers – Prevent Pigeons from Nesting

We specialize in solar panel barriers. Check out the pics to discover the absolute craftsmanship delivered by our company. Your pigeons will be gone; we guarantee it. (more…)

How to Choose an Effective Pigeon Control Service Provider

If you have a pigeon infestation and would like to have a specialist come in and solve the problem for you, then you’ll first want to read this short guide so you know how to get the most value for your pigeon removal dollars. (more…)

Trying to Sell Your Home With Pigeons? Good Luck!

Homes are hard to sell when they are covered in pigeon poop. You couldn’t even get into the front door of this particular home because of the mess. (more…)

Pigeon Poop! What is it Good For?


After having just waxed the car or washed the windows, our moment of supreme satisfaction is destroyed by a low flying, pooping, pigeon; it’s happened to us all.  While we’ve cursed their name and shouted empty threats, flinging stones in their general direction, they’ve nonchalantly taken flight without giving a  sh*t for the mess they’ve created. (more…)

How Dangerous are Pigeon Droppings to Your Health?

The simple truth is the danger varies depending on the specific infestation. However, if you have a pigeon infestation of any size on your home or property, there is a real risk of contracting an illness from their droppings. The safe bet is to deal with your pigeon infestation as soon as possible to remove any risk of illness.

Pigeons can contract and carry many diseases and parasites which do end up in their droppings. When pigeons find a place on your roof or property to call home, they will quickly create a large mess of their own poop.

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.




PIGEON MAGNETS, otherwise known as roof mounted AC units. Generally these are to be found on the older homes in Phoenix, however should one ever find oneself in a survival situation then these would undoubtedly be your best bet for fresh meat. Don’t take my word for it ask Bear Grylls. When he’s not busy drinking his own urine in some far-flung forgotten corner of the planet then pigeon is his dinner of choice! (more…)

First Time, Every Time. We are the Right People for the Job




How to Get Rid of Pigeons for Good

How to Get Rid of Pigeons for Good

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Sir Issac Newton and the Physics of Pingenation

Who would have thunk it that Sir Issac Newton would have played such an important role in pigeon removal and prevention; strange but true?


The roof tops of Phoenix are not uniform and we encounter many different styles of roof tile. The most difficult to work with is the S-tile which is without doubt the most common. (more…)

How Soon Is Now?

One of the great things at GOT PIGEONS? is that every day the view changes; lending a new perspective to each project. The view from a customer’s roof, no matter the state we find it in, is always refreshing. This particular one belongs to Josh who lives in Avondale, who is now, thanks to our efforts, pigeon free. His panels were installed just two months ago and already there were six nesting pairs living on his roof with the requisite mess and noise that go along with that. (more…)

Value for Money?

Marie in Goodyear is now pigeon free. After having her pigeons initially resolved by some nameless individual who’s no longer around to pick up the pieces, nor to justify and repair his tardy workmanship we did the job correctly. Compare the photographs. There’s no comparison. (more…)

Holographic Bird Tape! What Next?

It isn’t always easy and sometimes we have to go the extra mile and even think outside of the box. Normally it’s a simple case of power washing and barricading and then the pigeons move on; if only it were always so. One recent client had been plagued by pigeons for years and for some reason had never done anything about it. Finally after living in a world of poop and feathers they decided to remedy their situation. (more…)

Can’t See The Solar For The Pigeons?

Steve in Goodyear is – despite this weeks rain – pigeon free. Single story or double, it makes no difference to us. We have all the bells and whistles to ensure a safe climb and a quick and lasting remedy. Our methods go beyond industry standards to guarantee that the panels will be pigeon free and no longer a breeding ground for flying vermin. (more…)

Why Do We Have Pigeons?

Pigeon infestations are generally located on properties providing exactly that which birds require; shelter, food and water. Any one of these three necessities, plus a multitude of other possible scenarios, can lead to a pigeon problem. In this case, the culprit is the pool. (more…)

From Start to Finish

Solar is great for the environment, however one tends to forget that one is also creating an environment for pigeons. The birds love to get under the panels where they have shade, safety and a place to roost. Most solar companies don’t advise their customers to the predilection of birds to nest and breed under the units and it’s usually a nasty surprise to discover bird droppings and the incessant cooing of the birds emanating from one’s roof. (more…)

We Aim to Please

Another day another pigeon. Cantamia in Phoenix may not be the end of the earth but you can hear the waterfalls. “There be dragons.” Actually there be pigeons! Jim is now pigeon free. Solar panel fencing and barricades have banished the beasties for good.

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control Products

There’s a lot of products out there that promise to solve your pigeon infestation problem. Some good, some not so much. The key to effective long term pigeon control is to understand that there’s no quick and easy solution, but rather a process that needs to take place to remove all pigeons from your property, and keep them gone for good.

Some products like big eye balloons, targets, owl statues and other fake predators might scare pigeons off for some time, but it won’t solve the problem permanently. Pigeons are actually quite intelligent and will eventually figure out that the fake predators are in fact, fake. (more…)

Before and After

Every day at Got Pigeons? is a pigeon sh*t day; just the way we like it! The best before and after pics for some time. Needless to say we have made a housewife in Chandler extremely happy. Even now she is clutching an empty milk bottle to her heart, glad that her pigeons and their filth is gone.


Whatever it takes.

Not all infestations are solved instantly. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile and that’s what we here at GOT PIGEONS? do. We may have to cage and trap the birds, especially when there is a large colony “flight.” Currently this house in Avondale has been wired, spiked, netted, caged and baited.  (more…)